Senegence Makeup Looks (Post 1)

For those of you who don’t know: Yes! I do sell Senegence makeup! I LOVE running my own makeup business- it keeps this momma sane sometimes. 😉 Read my past blog post to understand why I decided to join the Senegence team: Why Senegence? How do You Join? And if you want to know what on earth I am even talking about, join my Facebook group dedicated to my Senegence business: Everybody Loves Makeup!

It’s not just LipSense, we sell EVERYTHING! From makeup to lotions and perfumes… Every once in a while, I will be making blog posts showing some of the looks I did and modeled for my business. The collage below shows ALL of the products I used for the looks I have done in the past month (Keep scrolling to see the actual looks):




Here are the actual looks:



💋Ivory MakeSense Foundation on face
💋Bronze BlushSense as contour
💋White Concealer mixed with Foundation as highlight
💋Cherry BlushSense on cheeks
💋Eyes: Pink Frost ShadowSense as base/highlight, Mulberry ShadowSense as transition, and Smoked Topaz Shimmer ShadowSense as accent
💋Eyeliner: Garnet ShadowSense
💋 Blu-Red LipSense with Glossy Gloss on lips




💋Aussie Rose LipSense with Glossy Gloss 



💋Fire ‘n Ice mixed with Pink Champagne (both LipSense); topped with Glossy Gloss

💋Eyes: Sandstone Pearl Shimmer, Moca Java Shimmer, and Garnet ShadowSenses



💋Ivory MakeSense Foundation on Face
💋Pink Champagne LipSense with Glossy Gloss on Lips
💋Cherry BlushSense on Cheeks
💋Sandstone Pearl Shimmer and Mulberry ShadowSenses on Eyes



💋Strawberry Shortcake LipSense with Glossy Gloss on lips
💋Toasted Rose BlushSense for Cheeks
💋Bronze BlushSense for Contouring
💋White Concealer mixed with a foundation as a highlighter
💋Candlelight, Garnet, and Smoked Topaz Shimmer ShadowSense on the eyes
💋Light BrowSense on eyebrows



💋Ivory MakeSense Foundation (face)
💋Cherry BlushSense (cheeks)
💋Sandstone Pearl Shimmer ShadowSense and Mova Java Shimmer ShadowSense (eyes)
💋Fire and Ice LipSense with Glossy Gloss (lips)



💋Caramel Apple LipSense with Glossy Gloss

Prices/more info can be found in our Beauty Book:

Do you want to become a customer or do you want to become a distributor yourself? To order, contact me through Facebook, email me at, or head over to my website: Aleese Hughes Senegence (type in my distributor number where it says to: 564249).To become a distributor, information for doing that is in one of my past blog posts: Why Senegence? How do You Join?


-Aleese Hughes


28 thoughts on “Senegence Makeup Looks (Post 1)”

  1. I absolutely love the first look with the blue red bold lip, it adds a kind of sophistication to a mild looking makeup look. The overall finish look of the product seems to be fine and flawless. Seems to be a nice product.


  2. I couldn’t tell the difference in all of them. (I have a bad eye for makeup) but you look great in them all. I just shared this woth a relative of mine who is a makeup addict and collects different makeup items from different companies. I’m sure she’ll love them.

    Liked by 1 person

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